Registration 2017

(NOTE: Registrations for 2017 closed on 30 June 2017. Registrations for the 2018 season will open 1 January 2018)

To register online please visit MyFootbalClub link below. 


For more information contact:

Mobile: 0448 903 559

Email: registrar@kingslangeysoccerclub.com.au

Kings Langley Soccer Club Inc 
PO BOX 620 
Kings Langley NSW 


Playing soccer is a great way to have fun,

Improve fitness and meet new friends so why not

make 2017 your year to register!


Our club welcomes and caters to all abilities

from beginners through to advanced and offers

FFA accredited coaches with specific

attention to the development of players in a fun and friendly environment.


Our female development program ensures that all our FFA accredited female coaches are carefully selected so that we get the best out of all players irrespective of skill or ability. New this year is the U20 Girls division where girls from 16 to 20 play against other similar aged teams rather than having to step up into the All Age Ladies divisions as they have previously.


In 2017 we are looking for men, ladies, boys

and girls to fill our teams from Under 5’s

through to Over 45’s including our Open Goals

Program for special needs.



Don’t miss out on all the fun that the 2017 season has to offer. See you at the park.

For any inquiries please contact

0448 903 559 or via email registrar@kingslangleysoccerclub.com.au


Register online now



How to Self Register:


Kings Langley Soccer Football Club

Self Registration Guide 2017


Please follow the following instructions to register online for our club:


1.     Login:

a)    Go to the MyFootballClub website: www.myfootballclub.com.au

b)    Click on “Register Now”

c)    Select “Player Registration”

d)    Follow the prompts to proceed to login pages, find your FFA number and/or reset your password

e)    Login using your FFA number and password:

·       FFA Number:

·       Password:


2.   Start Registration

a)    Once logged in, select “Make a Registration” or “Register Now”

b)    Update contact details if necessary.

c)    On the next screen, enter the club name Kings Langley Soccer Club
NB: If you get a message saying there are no packages then click OK and check the club name

d)    Select the Registration role as: “Player”
NB: If this is the first time you have registered to play football in Australia you will need to confirm whether you played in another country

e)    Select the correct Registration Package that applies for your registration.

f)     For second and consecutive family members select the family discount 

g)    Click the “Add” button.

h)    Click the Next button at the bottom of the screen.

i)      Read and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions then click Next.

j)      Click on “Pay Now” to pay online with a credit card (VISA or MasterCard), or select “manual Payment at Club” if you want to pay at our club information day.
NB: Payment must be made before a registration can be accepted.

k)     Answer the questions on the final page and click the “Save All Answers” button.


Your registration has now been submitted. Make sure you have paid your fees and completed any necessary ID checks, etc


Where do I go if I need help with my registration?

If you have any trouble with your registration you can use the following resources to help you.

  • Visit the FAQ’s page on the MyFootballClub website.
  • View the Player Registration guides and videos which are on the Resources page of the MyFootballClub website.
Call FFA Support Centre (02) 8020 4199 if you are having problems with your passwor










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